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How to Make Money From Your Website

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       Looking for someone to edit your book?



Editing, Basic Copyrighting – $25 hr. or $.07 per Word

Proof-Reading – $25 hr.

 Ghost-Writing – $60 hr. or $.07 per Word


  Set-Up Your Website  – $250

Customer sets up service with a web host: Fatcow or Go Daddy or . . .

Customer secures a Free WordPress Site


Create and Design a Sales or Landing Page


Letter Writing and Development – $19.99 to $29.99 a letter.

1.  Resumes – Find the Job Waiting for You with a Great Resume

2.  Covers Letters for Businesses, Sponsorships, Grants

3.  Executive Summary Letters

4.  Corporate By-Laws

5.  Consultant

6.  Article or Blog-Writing ( 1Page – $50   2 to 3 Pages $100).


An invoice will be emailed to you via Paypal for ALL services.  Prices vary according to services requested.

Example of Letter Writing



Dear Ms. (Person):

Educational Arts Society, Inc. is honored to present this proposal for your review.  We look forward to partnering with you in marketing the state in a positive light, exhibiting its assets, stirring job creation, encouraging economic and business growth, increasing visitor attraction, and promoting the advancement of  music and art in the State of Michigan.

The state’s largest city, Detroit, has received adverse media attention worldwide and it is time for that trend to be reversed.  Contributing factors have been declining population, high crime, loss of jobs, regional polarization and political facts and propaganda.  The objective of the song Detroit City is Coming Back is to educate, inspire, create jobs and generate a national and worldwide energy and interest that the revival of Detroit has begun!  It started with its citizens banding together in song, music and action—revealing “we are one!”

During the last year, we have seen over 80 local and legendary artists come together in one common goal:  promoting the talents and assets of the State in a promising and encouraging light.  The song has been recorded in over 15 genres including blues, gospel, country, reggae, jazz and R&B.  Many hours have been donated by these artists, whom we have named ambassadors for this cause.  They believe and  . . . show they believe.  Our proposal requests $50,000 in funding to obtain or produce the mastering of 80 recordings, purchase CDs, jackets, posters, videography, media marketing of events, salaries or stipends, bus rental, hotel accommodations, food and travel.

We appreciate the interest of  Michigan Council of the Arts in our project and the vision it has in the promotion of Detroit and the State of Michigan in an engaging light—emphasizing the lyrics of the song “if we don’t stand together, divided we fall.”

Sincerely yours,