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NuSkin Letter to Board of Director Stephen Lund

Mamie Smith, Ed.D.

6802 Westpointe Dr.

Troy, MI 48085




Mr. Stephen Lund, Chairman of NuSkin Enterprises

Corporate Office

75 West Center

Provo, UT 84601



Dear Sir:

The letter derives from my dissatisfaction with the company’s seemingly inability to service its American customers.


I have been a customer/distributor since 1990 and have watched the company grow into its present world connections and relationships.  However, recognizing that it began in America with American customers aiding that growth, my belief is that now, more focus is placed on worldwide growth that home growth.  While it is not my desire to cast aspersions on this growth, merely point that its roots are embedded in America, and serving us equally should be of prime concern.  Please find my reasons for this analysis:


  1. NuSkin constantly runs out of products customers need.
  2. Too many excuses are made as to why NuSkin cannot service customers.
  3. Seemingly lack of staff in the USA office to handle customer requests.
  4. Seemingly lack of concern that customers depend on products that NuSkin has trained them to love and use.
  5. Lack of products for “people of color.”


Over the years, it has been very difficult to get a foundation that matches the skin tone of African-Americans.  Thus, as an African-American, I discovered that if I combined two foundations “charcoal” with “sandalwood,” I could match my skin tone.  So, for a few years, I bought two products to get one.


What do you do?  You discontinued both and brought in a skin tone called “tawny.”  Great!  It was perfect!  However, many times when I tried to re-order, it was not in stock.  Finally, I placed an order in November, 2016, and the computer did not say “out of order.”  The order was placed, but when it arrived, tawny had been placed on a back-order, but I was charged for the product.  Two weeks later—no tawny.  Today, I called the office to discover . . . “We have no knowledge as to when this product will be available.”


“May I speak with a supervisor?”


“Yes.  May I place you on hold.”  Upon returning … “They said for me to tell you,” I interrupted.


“Who are they?”


“The supervisor. “


“Why can’t I speak directly to the supervisor?  Am I so unimportant that I do not rate being talked to?”


“No, it’s just that they are busy.”


“So am I, but I took time to track down my order.”


The supervisor did speak with me, but stated that NuSkin is having an “ingredient problem,” and reiterated that she had no idea when the “tawny” would be available.  I asked what was the darkest color in stock, and stated that perhaps I could again mix it with another.  There was nothing darker, only lighter than tawny, which would not match my skin tone.  In fact, everything was for “very light skin tones.”


The world is very colorful . . . why do you make foundations for only light-complexioned people?  I love your products . . . that is why I have spent thousands of dollars with the company since 1990.  My order before the last one was over $400.00.  Your products are expensive, the average person cannot afford them, but the quality is good … otherwise I would not have remained a customer all of this time.  Now, I am left with no foundation for my Christmas vacation! 


This is not to suggest you are purposely discriminating, but to say you are not servicing people of color very well with your foundations.  I have complained before to the USA office about your limited skin tones, but now, I am writing this letter to the Directors who make the decisions.


The supervisor did everything she could to service me and I am very grateful for that, but finally had to refund my money, because the products were not available.  My displeasure is not with the workers seeking to service us, but with the decision-makers who are not providing the necessary leg-work to keep ingredients and products available for American customers.


I would appreciate your help in this matter . . . not just for me . . . but for all Americans.  Please remember . . . we were with you from the beginning!


Sincerely yours,


Mamie Smith, Ed.D.


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