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Dear Ms. (Person):

Educational Arts Society, Inc. is honored to present this proposal for your review.  We look forward to partnering with you in marketing the state in a positive light, exhibiting its assets, stirring job creation, encouraging economic and business growth, increasing visitor attraction, and promoting the advancement of  music and art in the State of Michigan.

The state’s largest city, Detroit, has received adverse media attention worldwide and it is time for that trend to be reversed.  Contributing factors have been declining population, high crime, loss of jobs, regional polarization and political facts and propaganda.  The objective of the song Detroit City is Coming Back is to educate, inspire, create jobs and generate a national and worldwide energy and interest that the revival of Detroit has begun!  It started with its citizens banding together in song, music and action—revealing “we are one!”

During the last year, we have seen over 80 local and legendary artists come together in one common goal:  promoting the talents and assets of the State in a promising and encouraging light.  The song has been recorded in over 15 genres including blues, gospel, country, reggae, jazz and R&B.  Many hours have been donated by these artists, whom we have named ambassadors for this cause.  They believe and  . . . show they believe.  Our proposal requests $50,000 in funding to obtain or produce the mastering of 80 recordings, purchase CDs, jackets, posters, videography, media marketing of events, salaries or stipends, bus rental, hotel accommodations, food and travel.

We appreciate the interest of  Michigan Council of the Arts in our project and the vision it has in the promotion of Detroit and the State of Michigan in an engaging light—emphasizing the lyrics of the song “if we don’t stand together, divided we fall.”

Sincerely yours,



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Going Through MenoPause?  Hear How Dr. Theresa Dale Says These Imbalances Can Be Corrected!

Dr. Theresa Dale, Developer of the Only Proven Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation System, Talks with Dr. Mamie Smith on “Talk to the Author” About Her Book ”Revitalize Your Hormones” on Sunday, June 22, 2014 at 5:00 pm (est) @ http://eamtradio.com.

Dr. Dale is a renowned healer and educator in helping patients transform from illness to wellness, and is considered a pioneer in Natural Medicine.  She is the founder of California Colleges of Natural Medicine–a state approved California college, a motivational speaker, journalist, producer, and director of her own “Health Network” cable television series on ACTV cable.

Not only does Dr. Theresa Dale heal others through natural medicine, she has been successful in healing herself of a uterine tumor and radiation sickness.  You will learn the Dr Theresa Dalemeaning of homeopathy, how it differs from placebo medicine and why Dr. Dale advocates hormone rejuvenation instead of hormone replacement.

She will outline her “7-Steps to a Happier, Healthier and Sexier you!”  Can you beat that? Grab a pencil and paper on Sunday, June 22nd, and get ready to take a few notes as she gives you her step-by-step approach to hormone correction!

She says in her book“women bodies naturally know how to produce optimal amounts of hormones–they need only to be ‘re-educated’ at the physical level.”  You may want to “surf-on-over” to Amazon and get the book so you will be ready to see how this is done in her scientifically proven program.

To listen to the interview, call 218 632 – 9159, Code 969055 and hit the pound sign#.  Don’t forget to tell family and friends about the interview and supply the number for a call-in.

Mark your calendar for June 22, 2014 to tune in to “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith @ 5:15 pm (EST), Kats Radio, katsentertainment.com and hear groundbreaking information on homeopathy, hormone health, radiation and maintaining health and . . . staying young!

A Dr. Dale Video

Book Review


June 24, 2013
By Dr.Mamie Smith Ed.D.
This review is from: Our Lady of Victory: The Saga of an African-American Catholic Community (Paperback)

It was a time of prosperity . . . and the little church community was no exception. Businesses were popping us, racial walls were coming down, and the little church on Eight Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan planted its roots. “Our Lady of Victory,” in the words of author Shirley Slaughter, “left a legacy to be proud of . . . .”

This African-American Catholic Church, was founded in 1943 when the community in which it stood, was “reeling from the effects of the worst race riot in Detroit’s history.” In relating its history, Slaughter takes the reader through her personal experiences as it waged its war on racism and survival . . . and at the same time trying to preserve its identity and traditions. SHS_8088 (1)She is soulful and heart-warming as she shares what led her family to become Catholic, but direct in laying out the policies that stifled growth of the little church, and eventually led to its demise. Not only is the story told in prose, it is amplified in pictures that speak louder than words.

You will marvel at its strength, cheer its message and applaud its courage. Why? Not only was it a victory then, but . . . it is a victory now. It no longer stands on eight mile, but it is stamped on the hearts and minds of those who lived it . . . and more importantly, in the discovery of those who can read about it now.

If you don’t have a copy . . . get one, and share in the victory of . . . “Our Lady.” Mamie Smith Ed.D.


GIFT- GIVING is for the GIVER and the RECEIVER

Gift-Giving is for the Giver 

Gift-giving is based on motive.  It stems from having a sincere desire to help someone.  Giving a gift for any other reason is suspect.  Once someone decides to give a gift, should he expect the receiver to reciprocate?

Marcel Mauss, the French sociologist, argued that a gift is never “free,” that it creates a bond between the giver and the receiver because a part of the giver in intertwined with the gift.  It becomes part of the giver, and this unity creates a bond between him and the receiver which causes the receiver to want to reciprocate.  I am not sure what the reason, but humans do have a sense of obligation to return a gift for a gift.

 We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

 Winston Churchill 

Churchill seems to be advocating that there should be no strings attached to giving–that giving amplifies the life of the giver and that should be enough.  Nothing should be expected in return, nor should the receiver feel any obligation to reciprocate.  Many sociologists maintain that gift-giving is based on social norms which may dictate that giving and receiving constitute a relationship between parties, and if one wants to continue the relationship, giving, receiving and reciprocating are expected.

Gift-Giving:  Is It for the Receiver?  

At first glance one can conclude that it is the receiver who benefits from gift-giving.  He has a gift and has the option to reciprocate or not.  It is really not that simple.

If the receiver chooses to accept the gift and not reciprocate, how does this affect his relationship with the giver?  He has an option to send a “Thank You Note,” and let that be sufficient, say nothing or say “I received your gift, but I am sorry that I cannot give you anything.”    Which would you choose?  If the relationship is unimportant, either would suffice.  However, if it is, a decision that maintains positive feedback will have to be made.  This takes deep contemplation and forecasting of future feelings based on the kind of decision made.

A moral evaluation could be “It is better to give than to receive.”    That depends on what one is giving.  I would surmise that the writer of this statement had reference to giving and expressing  divine qualities.  It that sense, it is better to give, because expressing good qualities helps the giver overcome selfishness, self-love and perhaps greed.  On the other hand, if the giver is giving to make someone like him better, receive a tax deduction or influence the receiver in a way that works for the giver, nothing comes from giving.  Also, giving and receiving to comply with social norms only, does little to help the giver.

The receiver may be helped because the gift is exactly what he needed to overcome a hardship.  Materially, he is helped, but morally he may not be so.  Why?  If the receiver has the attitude that someone owes him something and he owes nothing, giving to him could be a hindrance because it simply confirms negative expectations.  However, if the receiver sees and understands the sincerity and thoughtfulness of the giver, humility and gratitude may move him to respond in kind in similar situations.

Gift-giving will be thought, spoken about and acted upon in the coming months.  Reflect on what it means to you and those whom you give or receive gifts.   Be motivated by your highest level of thought and you will be a respected giver and a humble receiver.

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