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Dr. Smith’s World of Writing: Costco’s Orange Juice


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Costco’s Orange Juice:  I know someone is saying, “Now, I know she’s not going to write about orange juice!”  Yes I am.  Why? . . . two reasons:  I like the orange juice and . . . I like to write.   Just to let you know, I write in numerous genres on numerous social media sites–from spirituality to music, and now . . . food.

I am a serious orange juice-drinker, and not just any juice.  I take my orange juice very seriously.  I have three choices:  Costco is #1, Simply Orange is #2 and Meijer #3.  Actually, I would drink Costco’s orange juice all of the time, but sometimes I cannot get to the store.  It is some distance away.  Why do I like it so much?


  • It tastes like it came straight from an orange.
  • It feels so soothing and refreshing to my palate.
  • I really believe it is 100% juice . . . that Costco is not “jiving.”
  • It’s healthy . . . at least those guys in the white coats say it is–loaded with Vitamin C.
  • The medical world says it lowers one’s cholesterol levels.
  •  It is high in antioxidants, has lots of potassium and aids in weight loss.


I have to confess I don’t drink it for all of those reasons, I drink it because its good–Costco good!

Image result for images of costco orange juiceThe next time you are looking for a place to get some “tongue-snapping” orange juice . . . head out to Costco.  They have a lot of other good stuff too–particular the desserts . . . hm-m-m-m, that’s another article . . . another time!


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