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Dr. Mamie Smith Reviews “Bible Verses” by Dr. JoAnn Baldwin

Bible Verses Given to Me: A MemoirDr. Mamie Smith on August 2, 2013 Bible Verses Given To Me: A Memoir, is a book of just that … Bible verses.  The author, Dr. JoAnn Baldwin  believes that these verses were given to her by God for the purpose of giving the world a deeper explanation and understanding of the Trinity, which is traditionally thought of as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost … three persons in One.  JoAnn says, The name of God is Jesus” and Jesus is the Father, represented as “Thought, Word is the Son and deed is the Holy Spirit.”According to her, God decided to “put on flesh and come to earth–known as incarnation” and after his work was finished as the human man Jesus,  God, Jesus , then … “went back to the eternal part of himself, his thoughts” and now is in the role of God.Whether you agree or not, it is an interesting book to read because it generates thought-provoking questions that stimulate a desire to search for answers.   Currently, Dr. Baldwin is the Pastor of Kosciusko AME Church in Mississippi.  She is also Associate Professor of English and Director of the Writing Center at Mississippi Valley State University.  You may purchase her book at this link.

How does one find ways to solve some of the most horrific crimes . . . by listening to God?
Do you talk to suspects about God, or do you talk to God first, and then … talk to them? Can you trust the subtle messages that find their way into your thoughts, or do you go with what you know? What do you do when your “gut” tells you to “Stop!” and the inner voice says, “Keep going!”

Jack Loshaw can tell you . . . and does tell you in “Motown Murders and Ministry!”

Diving into his book gave me pause, because I wondered if I would have the “stomach” for it. You see, I’m one of those people who covers her face at the movies when a graphic scene is about to be presented. However, because of the grace with which Jack wrote the stories, I was able to read them with the same care and concern he gave them.

You will learn how Jack ” felt a lot of conflict between being a Christian and a homicide detective, but (was) determined to bring about what fairness he could and to do his part to alleviate some of the burdens brought by despair.” And, let me hasten to add “And he was good at it.”

Grab this book now! You will be glad you did!Jack Loshaw