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On 4/19/15, 12:31 AM, Dante Palazzolo wrote:

“They wonder why I don’t speak professionally, that I do on purpose because lately I’ve realized professionally can show dishonestly and I need my people to know I am brutally honest.”

Maria Wade
Singer/Songwriter/Performer/Philanthropist/Entertainment Consultant/Event Coordinator

On 6/1/15, 6:53 PM, Maria Wade wrote:
What does that mean? Exactly. You can speak professionally without speaking dishonestly

On 6/1/15, 8:34 PM, Mamie Smith wrote:
I suppose the answer to your question depends on how one defines “honesty.” I believe true honesty comes from recognizing and obeying divine law, and one can do that professionally as well as non-professionally. There is however, a marked difference between materiality and spirituality. . . one is human logic, and the other is divine understanding.

On 6/1/15, 11:20 PM, Maria Wade wrote:
Thanks for explaining Mamie, I am having a difficult time in my life regarding this very thing, knowing the difference between materiality and spirituality, human logic really, does not equate to divine understanding. And it is sometimes very difficult to live in a world of those that are very black and white. Those that we love, who look at the world and events that take place and judge it by how It may look, good or bad on paper, simple math, but when you look at the equation on paper the problem solving seems so simple it ads up. But under divine order, human logic is only an illusion. I ask myself what exactly is the divine order? Sometimes I think I know the answer but then other days I feel as if I have a long way to go……….True honesty? with ourselves? How do we know if we are obeying divine law? where do we truly know what the divine law is?

On 6/2/15, 6:07 AM, Mamie Smith wrote:
I have written many articles expressing the very foundation of your questions, one that comes to mind is “What is Spirituality?” You will find it on my blog entitled “Open Thought.” Here is the link: You may have to copy and paste it.

Each day, I strive to add to my true identity. I hope this helps.

Thanks Mamie, I am definitely going to check this out this evening. Thank you for getting back with me. I am definitely struggling with the Spirituality part of me. It seems that Spirituality and Human logic are always at war with me.


Harlem-Lafayette: An Actor and Singer
October 16, 2015 at 3:43 pm

Yes, I will definitely spread the word of your radio station. On behalf of myself and many of your former students, we are proud to know you! You shaped our lives with your strategies, exposure, principles and dedication. Many of us realized then, now, and both how instrumental you were during our adolescent years. You were a second parent, a motivator, a no-nonsense caring educator and professional performance artist. You opened my eyes and heart to my true calling–MUSIC and DRAMA. Even the students who didn’t pursue the Arts are all doing well in their lives and careers. It gave us discipline and self-esteem to make us incredible adults. WE LOVE YOU & SALUTE YOU, the one and only (second to none) Dr. Mamie Smith! GOD willing, see you soon via New York City and/or Detroit. XOXO. PEACE and GOD’S Infinite Blessings to you and your family and friends!

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