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Do you know the things you do and say  everyday can help a child or someone build self-esteem and aid you in achieving your mission statement?

And . . . earn money for your organization while doing it!

  • Talk About What You Do as a Non-Profit, Business or Organization.
  • Get FREE Products!
  • Form Partnerships!

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Fundraise through Communication!

Do you know that . . .


  • Doing a few simple things each day can make you healthier and happier?
  • Igniting a spark in someone else increases your health and harmony?
  • Reaching out to others generates a “clean mind, clean conscience and clean action?”
  • Partnering with someone gets you all three (3) of the above?
  • Talk to Somebody, Listen and Make a Referral.

 What is Your Purpose?  What is Your Mission?

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 We Communicate Through Music!

Our Mission is to:

Help a Child Develop a Life Skill-Set

Increase the Brain Power of a Child.

Improve Socially.

Develop Discipline & Accountability!

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These Children Are Our Mission!  We Fundraise to Achieve It!

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Saxophone Students of CEO Duane Parham

Voice Students of Dr. Smith